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6 Best Mold Remediation Companies In Las Vegas

6 Best Mold Remediation Companies In Las Vegas

High-Speed Restoration

High-Speed Restoration, an IICRC-certified business serving North Las Vegas clients, is certified. It provides a variety of services, including mold remediation. The technicians can perform mold remediation procedures such as containment, HEPA vacuum cleaner cleaning, disinfection and treatment. The staff also restores properties that have been damaged by fires, vandalism or biohazards. High-Speed Restoration was founded in 2017 by Jorge and Patricia Herrera, a husband-and-wife couple. Jorge has been involved in restoration since 2000.

911 Restoration of Las Vegas

Property owners in Las Vegas are at serious risk from mold. Mold can leave unsightly marks on your floors and walls. Mold can also produce a musty odor that can spread throughout your house or business. Inhaling mold spores can cause health problems. This means that mold infestations should be addressed immediately. Once mold is established, it spreads quickly. You can minimize the damage to your property by starting the mold removal process immediately.

You can call to get professional assistance with mold remediation in Las Vegas. Within 45 minutes of receiving an emergency call, their team can reach homes or businesses in Henderson, Paradise and Summerlin. Once they arrive, technicians can offer a free visual mold inspection to property owners. 911 Restoration of Las Vegas can be contacted at the first sign that mold has grown. The mold removal process can be started immediately by their IICRC-certified technicians.

Mold Remediation USA

Mold Remediation USA offers professional cleanup, damage restoration and remodeling services to residential and commercial property owners in North Las Vegas and surrounding areas. It offers mold remediation services that include damage assessment, containment and air filtration. Mold Remediation USA also handles the restoration and removal of mold-damaged drywall and flooring. Mold Remediation USA offers services such as water and smoke damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, and remodeling.

Dry Tech Restoration

Dry Tech Restoration is a local damage mitigation company that services both residential and commercial property owners in North Las Vegas and surrounding areas. It offers 24/7 mold remediation services for all types of mold including black mold. It offers water damage restoration services, including for flooding, leaks, overflows and storms. The company also offers packing and fire damage restoration services. The IICRC has certified Dry Tech Restoration’s technicians.

Immaculate Restoration

Immaculate Restoration has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We serve both residential and commercial customers in North Las Vegas and surrounding areas. It can remove mold, mildew and fungi growth as well as bacteria from infested buildings. The application of deodorants and fungicides prevents mold growth. It also provides fire and water damage restoration services. The IICRC certifies technicians at Immaculate Restoration.

Advanced Pro Restoration

Advanced Pro Restoration offers full-service restoration and rebuilding services. They have been providing mold remediation services in the North Las Vegas Metro and surrounding areas for over 10 years. It has more than 10 years experience and knows that molds are caused by moisture. To find the problem source, the company uses thermal imaging cameras. The company also offers fire damage repair and smoke damage repair. Advanced Pro Restoration offers emergency service 24 hours a day.

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